Scheduling & Fees

Half and Full Day Rate

Beginning January 1, 2024, Mr. Saler’s half and full day rates are as follows:

Half Day Rate


Full Day Rate


Mr. Saler does not charge an administrative or file opening fee. Each side’s counsel or claims representative is responsible for paying in advance an equal share of his fee unless he is notified in writing that a different financial arrangement has been made. Mr. Saler’s billable time includes preparing for the session. At his discretion, Mr. Saler will charge for mediation services he provides following the session but only after receiving the parties’ approval.

Legal counsel or a party’s insurance carrier are retaining Mr. Saler and are therefore, responsible for paying his fee for the mediation services he provides. Mr. Saler’s Corporate Taxpayer Identification Number is 26-1754546. Please make your check payable to Alan Saler Mediation Services.

Reserving a
Session Date

You can determine Mr. Saler’s current availability by visiting his Calendar page. There you can book online. Place your cursor over the available date that you want to reserve. An Online Appointment Request form will appear. Complete it and press the Submit Request icon at the bottom of the form. Once you do your session is automatically booked.

If you prefer to communicate directly with Mr. Saler about scheduling a session, you can telephone him at (818) 620-2029 or send him an e-mail message. His email address is

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Continuance and
Cancellation Policy

Mr. Saler recognizes the critical importance of mediating a case only when the parties and their counsel are truly ready to proceed. If it becomes necessary to change the session date, Mr. Saler has a liberal continuance policy. As long as the mediation session is held on the rescheduled date you will not be charged for the continuance.

Should you decide to cancel your session because your matter has settled or other unforeseen circumstances have arisen, Mr. Saler will refund your deposit if he receives notice seven (7) days before the scheduled date. If you cancel the session less than seven (7) days before the scheduled date, your deposit is refundable if Mr. Saler is able to fill the cancelled time slot with another matter.